March 6th, 2007

Hiro (by sheepy_hollow)

Heroes (again)

I am now completely caught up on Heroes--through tonight's episode, "Parasite".

And this is what I have to say on each of the characters:

Collapse )

You know what? This cast is way too freaking big. I give up here.

So, um, new fandom and all--who has fic recs?
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Granny can't be having (by jesskat)

(no subject)

*twitches* I got off the computer early in order to be in time for House. I sat through the last five minutes of the fucking O'Reilly Factor in order to watch something, you know, decent.

My foster father is too busy watching Hannity & Colmes to relinquish the TV.

Excuse me. I need to go scrub my brain before I start throwing things and screaming. I fucking hate Fox News.
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