February 28th, 2007

'K bye (by stormi-skies)

Oh, goddamnit.

Um, OW. *grumbles* That ibuprofen I took is not working. And guess what? I have to work today. I don't know what's worse--sitting in a chair working on code for two hours, or running around trying to be in three places at once. Normally, I wouldn't mind. But I do when it feels like someone's trying to carve a hole in my back with a soup spoon.
Abby (by pekeana)


Who wins at life? That would be me.

I was taking a fifteen-minute break from working on my baby compiler, and decided to see, one more time, if I could get MediaWiki installed on Anita (the web server). I know, I know, the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expected a different result.

This time, I tried something a little different, expecting absolutely nothing.

HA. It WORKED. That's right, Anita, you stupid bitch. I PWNED you.

So MediaWiki is installed; now I just have to worry about making the site look fun, yet sophisticated. Without making it overly complicated. I'm working with my advisor's Systems Analysis class on the content for the site, so from here on out, it shouldn't be too hard.

Um... *knocks on wood*