January 17th, 2007

Abby (by pekeana)

My first day on the job...

...and I've come to a realization: sneakers were definitely the right choice of footwear. I've been walking back and forth between buildings since 1:30. (What's really annoying is that they're doing construction in the parking lot, so I have to go through the library to reach the science building.)

Also, people call for help for things that seem so very simple. Like pushing the "On/Off" button on the control panel to make the projector turn on. Professors may be smart, but so very dumb at the same time.

Two hours left. I wonder what problems they'll send the newbie out to solve in that time. :-)
Dogbert bah

Mmm, spam.

Also! The bookstore SUCKS and wouldn't buy back my textbooks from last semester, so I listed them on Amazon (because I heart Amazon). I listed them at 10:30. Two of them (calculus and nutrition) had been bought by noon.

Take THAT, stupid bookstore. :-P