January 14th, 2007

Misanthrope (VM)

The Grand Adventures raindroproses


I got to the Providence train station at 2:20. The MBTA commuter rail train was supposed to leave at 2:45, so of course I figured I was right on schedule.

Yeah. I was. The T? Not so much. Apparently, something happened at the Mansfield station. Now, I feel badly if something bad happened (I didn't hear any details; the loudspeaker at the train station sucked), but at the moment, I'm feeling pretty cranky and self-centered. I could have been here FOUR HOURS AGO if the 2:45 train hadn't been CANCELLED. (And stupid LJ is telling me that cancelled should be spelled with one L. Fuck you, LJ, I'll spell it how I want.)

Of course, being a Sunday, the commuter rail doesn't run very often. So I stuck around until 4:45, which was when the next train was supposed to leave. That was when we were all loaded onto buses and told we'd be making the normal station stops. Which we did, until we got to Sharon station and finally switched to the train we SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON IN THE FIRST PLACE.


I probably wouldn't have minded so much if I didn't have so much crap to lug back to school. Fucking holidays.

Also, I'm menstruating. So add a bit more ARGH on top of that.

Don't mind me. I'm going to go find something to drink. And food. Food would probably make me feel better. Especially since all I've had to eat today was a bagel.