November 16th, 2006

Dogbert bah


My Nutrition exam only took me twenty minutes to finish. Something is very wrong here.


I really hate the people on sometimes. I got a review today on my Jack/Serena L&O drabble that said:

um.. ok

you do know shes a lesbian right?

To which I replied: "Um, okay. You do know this was written before that was revealed, right?"

Though I could have said a variety of things, like: "It was a request," or "And people don't slash straight characters?" or "Shut up, I'll do what I want."

(Though that last one would be far too typical teenie for my tastes. "dunt lyk? dunt reed!")
House South Park

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Oh! One funny thing from studying last night--I was reading about vitamin A, and the book talked about what happens when you consume too much beta-carotene. All I could think was, "You're ORANGE, you moron."

You learn so much from TV, don't you? I know I do! Ah, House...