September 19th, 2006

Oh the drama (by stormi-skies)


So, apparently Bartol (our cafeteria) caught on fire. Quadside's packed with students from North and Arnold Halls right now. (They're the nearest to Bartol.)

I am still in my pajamas. If my alarm clock hadn't gone off a minute (literally. One minute.) before the fire alarms had, I'd be very annoyed right now.

But really. In my pajamas.

If I had a bra, I'd go to class. But as I don't... I hope I make it in time for my 11:00 class.

ETA: I was wrong in my assumption! Something happened in the boiler room of North Hall. But a bunch of dorms got evacuated, 'cause there's a bunch of smoke. I hope my laptop's okay.

Oh, and I am going to class. What the fuck is wrong with me?!
McGee geek (by mini_miss)


So, apparently Facebook has decided to TAKE OVER TEH INTARWEB by implementing more and more features to draw in easily distracted students. Their latest scheme is a "Notes" section. It's like a blog, basically. They do make it easy, though--you can set it to automatically import your LJ posts. So people like me, who live on LJ, don't have to post to two different places.

That's it, really. Except to say: new House tonight! Woohoo!