July 6th, 2006

Hermione smarter (by potterpuffs)


Thank God for people who are actually helpful! (I feel like that should have sparkles and everything. *grin*) I've finally been able to register for classes next semester. I still owe $2,000 on my account, though. :-(

Anyway, here's my schedule for fall semester, in case you're curious:

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*sigh* Didn't do too well with my classes last semester. I passed, though! *does happy dance of passed classes*

Here are my grades from spring semester:

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AHAHAHA A- in Database.

Dear G.: Thank you for being brilliant. Couldn't have done it without you.

(No, really. Our final for that class was a group project, and she did most of the work because she is the SMARTEST PERSON ALIVE. Well, in our class, anyway.)

C- in OS. Was expecting that, actually. :-P But I passed! (Probably would've helped if I'd, y'know, done the homework and stuff. Note to self: STOP SLACKING OFF.)

And a B in Algorithms?! Veilleux, what kind of crack are you on?! Either I did insanely well on the final, or she was doing that thing where she looks for reasons to give points ('cause she doesn't curve grades).