March 8th, 2006

Granny can't be having (by jesskat)


Apparently, I SUCK at brushing my teeth. I suck like that little sucky thing that the dental hygienist uses to suck up all the saliva and water and blood that gets in your mouth during a cleaning.

Yes. I had a dentist appointment today. I knew I had a cavity, so I told them. Only to discover that I have not one, but FOUR cavities.

And even worse? I can't get them filled until May, 'cause that's the next time I'll be home.

I'm going to go sulk now.

(ETA: However, I had a really really nice hygienist, so I guess it wasn't all bad.)

(ETA 2: Hee! I changed the heading of my journal, so when I went to check the edited post, I noticed that the subject line was: "You're on notice! - Dentists." I think Stephen Colbert would agree that dentists belong on the Notice board. *grin*)