February 24th, 2006

Granny can't be having (by jesskat)


Aaaaand we're now three for four! That is, three out of four of the roommates I've had have had sex with their significant others while I was still in the room.

Oh, Other Roommate, why did you have to go to Kenya this semester? She never would've dared with you still here. And at least you had the courtesy to say, "Hey, I'd like some time alone with Boy, will you go somewhere else for a while?" And I'd say, "Sure thing," grab a book, and hang out in the lounge for a few hours.

Also, and this isn't helping my mood, instead of the usual kicked-in-the-back feeling, this month I feel as if someone's pounding me with a meat tenderizer. All of my muscles hurt. So I didn't go to class today, 'cause a) I would've only had three hours of sleep (people need to realize that when I say I'm a light sleeper, I mean it), and b) I don't wanna move.

Anyway, that's it for the whining. Maybe I'll take cakemage's advice and go get a spray bottle. Or a squirt gun.

Ooh! A Super Soaker! I loved those things. You know, those really big squirt guns that held, like, a gallon of water. They were so much fun.
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Music meme

Here's something a bit more cheerful than me whining about idiot roommates.

Gacked from sundance201.

Rules: list your iPod's top 25 most played mp3s then tag how many people on your flist to continue.

(I'm not gonna tag anyone, 'cause I hate that.)

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