August 1st, 2005

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Dear parental figures:

You should realize by now that yelling at your 18-year-old daughter/granddaughter on my behalf will only make her resent you--and me--even more. It's bad enough that I've evicted her from her bedroom for the summer--now you're making her give me closet space. Surely you know that a teenage girl's closet is sacrosanct.

Fortunately, I'm escaping this madhouse for two weeks starting tomorrow. However, I have the feeling that I should sleep with one eye open tonight.

Yours in paranoia,

House rec!

Oooooh. I'm sure there are people on my flist who've read Cincoflex's CSI fic. Well, I just read a House fic that made me squee when I saw the summary. I've been looking for Chase/Cameron fic.

Shepherd's Pie, by Cincoflex. Doctors Chase and Cameron experiment with each other. Spoilers for "Love Hurts".
Tony works (by matilda7)


Since b_cavis has unlocked the post, I can now post a link to her Ten Commandments, Fandom Style.

(EDIT: Or... maybe not. WTF, LiveJournal? I could've sworn it was unlocked a moment ago...)

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This God is much more fun than most. He likes pie. Though I prefer pecan, myself.