July 23rd, 2005

Kate (by mini_miss)

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Aw, man! I want to watch The Cutting Edge (you know, that ice-skating movie with Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeney), but I can't find it anywhere!

*is very very sad*

DIRECTOR'S EDIT: So I'm looking at IMDB, and... dude! Paul Michael Glaser directed The Cutting Edge?! Rock!

ODD MOMENT EDIT: Terry O'Quinn was in The Cutting Edge? ... Yup. It's definitely too long since I watched this movie.
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Just watched Swimming Upstream, a movie about Australian swimmer Tony Fingleton. It was good, though to be honest, the reason I started watching it was 'cause it had Jesse Spencer in a swimsuit. (Me, shallow? Of course not. I totally didn't wish it had been a DVD so that I could get screencaps of wet and almost naked Jesse Spencer.)