July 2nd, 2005

Kate (by mini_miss)

OMG! It's good HP fic!

Daaaaaaamn. I just read a fic that blew me away. Dark, but not violent. It's a Hermione fic (yay Hermione fic!) about Hermione being trapped as a prisoner-of-war. She isn't tortured, she isn't abused, she's just... left alone in a cell. For Hermione, I think that would be the worst torment of all. No books, no friends, just herself, slowly losing her mind.

And then Ginny joins her, and everything and nothing changes.

Go read We All Fall Down by Bec.
Stephen Jesus quit (by tubbycass)

(no subject)

What the FUCK?

Gibbs sits down in shock as Tony’s response. Wait he thinks, if Tony’s daughter is almost sixteen and he was a virgin when we got together. Tony’s daughter is my daughter.


*gigglesnort* *wheeze* Apparently, Gibbs hasn't yet taken basic anatomy. Maybe Ducky can assist him in that area.

Not that way, you pervs.

...Wow. Some fandoms should just not have MPreg. It's understandable (freaky, but possible) in Harry Potter. Even in some scifi fandoms. But NCIS?

No. Just... no.
I love the world (xkcd)

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So I went outside for about an hour to enjoy the nice day and spend time with my family.

And then a huge bug landed on me, and I realized that I could happily spend the rest of my life without setting foot outdoors.
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