June 29th, 2005

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Dear reviewers:

If an ending seems ambiguous, then it's meant to be ambiguous. Not all stories get a nice happy ending wrapped up with a little bow.

If I'm writing a dream sequence, it's not going to follow the usual patterns of a plotted fic. Not to mention, if the fic's for a challenge in which one of the rules is that it should be written in a surrealistic style, that's how it's gonna be written.

I am not a conventional shipper. Stop trying to force your pairings on me. I'm just sitting here in my corner of the fandom, minding my own business. No one's making you click the link of a fic clearly marked with a pairing you don't like.

My Mac isn't a weepy, whiny bitch, but neither is she a cold-hearted killer. She actually did feel remorse over killing Sadik Fahd. So stop agreeing with her vehement denial of all regret. It's supposed to be a case of "the lady doth protest too much".

I like Ari. He used to be an interesting character whose loyalties were ambiguous. Stop ranting in my reviews about how much you hate him.

No, it's not Tony/Kate. No, it's not Harm/Mac. Deal with it.

The whole point of the fic is to write only the dialogue. It's not my fault you're too stupid to know who's speaking. Your compadres seem to understand just fine.


Wondering why I attract the batshit (or, dude, am I just too sane for the rest of the world),
House/Cameron (by andrea_ms)

Two banners

In case you couldn't tell by my new journal layout, I'm on a bit of an e.e. cummings kick lately. (I am e.e. cummings' bitch.)

So here are two banners using two of his poems. Both are 900x400, so I'm throwing them behind cuts so that I don't screw up your friends-lists.

Collapse )

Collapse )

(I'd actually like to use the H/C one, but I have no idea how to. My technological competence only goes so far. :-P)
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