May 7th, 2005

McGee geek (by mini_miss)

Movie meme.

Well, apparently, I have to do that movie meme. Thanks a lot, j_guda. ;-)

Movie meme:

1) Total number of films I own on DVD/video:
Three on DVD, and three boxed sets of Stargate. Yeah, that's right. I'm poor. I have no money for DVDs. It all gets spent on books. Oh, and a whole bunch of NCIS and Numb3rs episodes on VHS.

2) The last film I bought:
Um... the last DVD I bought was a boxed set of Stargate season three. The last film? ...I think it was Chicago.

3) The last film I watched:
The Phantom of the Opera. My family made me watch it last night. I liked it. Well, Christine left me cold, but I liked Raoul. (What was up with Christine's facial expressions? She only had one! Did someone screw up her Botox regimen or something?)

4) Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:

1.) The American President. This is my favorite movie ever. Aaron Sorkin dialogue! Michael Douglas as president! Inappropriate romance! How can it not be my favorite movie?

2.) The Princess Bride. I can quote whole chunks of dialogue from this movie. It's just so... quotable.

3.) A Muppet Christmas Carol. Dude. It's A Christmas Carol. With Muppets. Anything's better with Muppets.

4.) Silence of the Lambs. I hate horror movies. I'm not fond of blood and gore and inexplicable slaying of not-quite-virginal teenagers. But psychological horror? Bring it on.

5.) Much Ado About Nothing. Because, really, is there anything better than Michael Keaton yelling, "I am an ass!" And also: Robert Sean Leonard. And Denzel Washington. Doing Shakespeare. And my fangirl is showing, isn't it?

5) Which five people are you passing the baton onto? And why?

I don't know. I don't know if anyone on my friends-list has not done this yet. Whoever wants to do it, I suppose. (It's obvious I'm not fully awake yet, isn't it?)