February 24th, 2005

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You know when you want to use a word, and you know what it means, but you just can't think of the word you want? That happened to me today. I had a midterm exam in Politics of Religion, and I was writing an essay on the Israeli political system. I couldn't think of the word I wanted (I still can't, sadly), and I sat there for five minutes, thinking, 'Okay, I know the word. So what is it?'

Eventually, I just used 'cooperation'. It was the closest synonym I could think of--and even then, it wasn't exact. *sigh*

EDIT: Fucking hell. I had to go to thesaurus.com to find the word I wanted. It's been bugging me for the past two hours.

The word I wanted was 'compromise'. *headdesk* Damn, I feel stupid.
Tony works (by matilda7)

Sanity? What's that?

I spent forty minutes at Bartol (the cafeteria) tonight. I'm usually able to get in and out of there in twenty minutes, tops. I sat with a few friends tonight, though (and some people I didn't know, but were fun.) It was "Soul Food" night, sponsored by the Black Student Organization. This caused much excitement. When 18 and 19-year-old girls (women, whatever) get excited, it's...

Well, judge for yourself. Highlights of tonight's meal:

One girl ate half a platter of watermelon by herself and played Jenga with the rinds.

Half of the people at the table jumped up when the buttermilk biscuits finally came out.

Ditto with the cornbread. Apparently, nursing majors don't approve of the Atkins plan.

"It's a soliloquy, but it's not a monologue."
"Dude, I thought a soliloquy was a monologue. Stop hurting my poor computer science major brain!"
"They have a word for everything in literature. It's ridiculous."
"Well, what else are English majors supposed to do?"

"These peppers are almost too hot."
"This chicken is too hot for me."
"You people are pussies."
"Hey! The Vagina Monologues are tomorrow night!"

"Who are you?"
"Who are you?"
"No, who are you?"
"She's a transfer student."
"Really? Where did you transfer from?"
"I don't like to say?"
"Why not?"
"Oh, come on!"
*entire table* "What?!"