January 19th, 2005

I love the world (xkcd)

Last night's NCIS and SVU

NCIS was just... wrong, man. I kept screaming at the TV for BlondeLady to back off, dammit. :-P

Oh, and BizarroWorld team? So completely pointless. Was it supposed to be some kind of in-joke or something? Why name the episode after something that contributes nothing to the plot?

Gibbs certainly has a way with double entendres, doesn't he?

As for SVU, I figured out what had happened rather quickly. But it was still a good ep. I can't wait until next week's episode, though. *bounces*
I love the world (xkcd)

(no subject)

The people in the textbook industry are making out like bandits. *grumbles* Fortunately, there is the wonder that is Amazon.com. It'll take longer, but at least I'm not spending nearly $500 on textbooks.

I had my first classes of the semester today. My Spanish professor is a very cheerful fellow. At eight o'clock in the morning, that's a bit grating.

My computer networks prof is a nice guy, but I think I'm going to have to fight off sleep during that class. His lecture style is just... so... monotone.

That's it for now. I'm gonna go take a nap.