December 17th, 2004

I love the world (xkcd)

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You know you've gone a bit too far in your fangirlishness when you lick the television screen when your favorite character comes on.

Yes, JAG is on. And it's the seventh-season ep "The Measure of Men". And my favorite beloved admiral AJ is oh-so-fucking-hot when he's completely bewildered.

And hurrah for civvies. And summer whites.

Of course, I wouldn't mind seeing AJ in pretty much anything. Or nothing.
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Oh, Miss ctorres... you remember that conversation on ajmacfic a month ago? Where you offered to cap some scenes for me? Would you still be willing to do that? Please say yes! I understand if you're too busy. :-)
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I love the world (xkcd)

Where the hell's my spork?

Harm/Mac fans--really, any JAG fans--turn away now.

If you must read, duck. Exclamation points are about to come flying your way.


Why the fuck did I tune into JAG?!?! Even for ten minutes?!

Fuck you, Mac. You've lost top spot on my list of favorite female TV characters. What the hell have the writers done to you?!

Was this a long, slow descent into madness that I never noticed? Or did I just ignore it completely?

Screw it. If I have to write an AJ ship, I'm so writing AJ/Kate. At least Kate's not lost her kickass edge through years of dancing around a subject with a fucking dumbass.
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I love the world (xkcd)

A rant for all of my fellow Mac fans.

Crossposted to pretty_marinesb

Fuck you, DPB. Fuck you, Chaz Johnson. Fuck you, writers of JAG.

Fuck you for what you've done to our beautiful, determined, intelligent, strong Marine lieutenant colonel. Fuck you for making her a weak, pathetic, wimpy bitch who just can't live without her man.

What happened to the Mac from fourth season? The one who survived an Article 32 hearing, kicked ass alongside Harm and AJ to rescue Josh Pendry, and suffered through months of admin duty, and found time on the side to become a Big Sister?

Fuck you for dancing around the Harm issue for eight years. Any normal woman would've moved on by now, but no. You've made our Mac fixate on the immature flyboy who can't face up to his own feelings.

Fuck you for taking multiple wonderful, kind, loving men away from her. Fuck you for screwing up any and all relationships she's had... ever.

I can understand all the past angst. I can even understand a few romantic relationships going bust. But all of them?! Doesn't the poor woman deserve some happiness? Hell, even Sam Carter on Stargate is getting her shot at it! And she's a woman with as many issues as Sarah MacKenzie!

What the hell kind of crack are you people on? Obviously, it's not the good stuff.

So fuck you. Fuck you, the horse you rode in on, the guy who made the saddle, and the little girl who fed it apples.

Everybody now:

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