August 11th, 2004

I love the world (xkcd)

Rambling about the spawn of Hell.

*whimpers* You know that fic that I hacked yesterday?

Well, it's gotten twelve reviews since then. That's right--twelve.

W. T. F. Is it too much to ask for fangirls to have some good taste?

*rereads last sentence*

Shannon, my dear girl... have you still not learned, in over two years in fandom?

Fact: Fangirls enjoy the ultimate wish-fulfillment fantasies. Think 'Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom and Fangirl Exhibit A on deserted tropical island'.

Fact: Fangirls usually employ extremely poor grammar and punctuation. Think 'e.e. cummings and Gertrude Stein combined'.

Fact: When combined in a small space, fangirls will gush and squee over whomever will do the same to them. Think 'circle jerk'.

Conclusion: Fangirls have no taste.

Hmm... you may be right. I mean, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom?

Well, okay, Johnny I can see, I suppose. But... enter Orlando Bloom in Celebrity Poker Showdown, and he'd win every round without even trying.

...And what does that have to do with the original topic? Nothin'. You don't like, you obviously shouldn't be around here.

(Oh, and for those of you coming late to the game--the large block of text in italics are from AE, my alter ego. (I was not a very creative namer when she came into being.) AE is a noncorporeal being who was created when I could not handle the emotional trauma of AJ telling Meredith he loved her. *shudders* ('S a JAG thing. See my review of the JAG episode "Heart and Soul" for more details.) AE enjoys killing Mary Sues, traumatizing me, and long walks on the beach with her homicidal sociopathic talking British squirrel significant other, Little Buddy.

Little Buddy belongs to cakemage.

I am currently taking submissions for a new name for AE. I favor Agnes, myself.)
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