July 16th, 2004

Tony works (by matilda7)

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Y'know what's great about Fridays? No? Well, I'll tell you.

It's not just that it's the last day before the weekend starts. It's not just that everyone leaves early, and I don't have jack shit to do. It's that... that...

Okay, it's that it's the last day before the weekend, and everyone leaves early, so I don't have jack shit to do.


On an unrelated note: who's the smartass that watered down the soap in the bathroom?!

And on one more unrelated note: I need to go to lunch. Later, dolls!
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I love the world (xkcd)

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Okay, so I lied. I do have stuff to do. Like yell at the mail merge program. And then go back and address each letter separately. And print them all out. And put them into envelopes with a whole bunch of other stuff.

Now maybe I should go ask for those annual reports my boss wants included and get these letters off my desk.

If she ever gets off the phone.
I love the world (xkcd)

Open letters to asshats

Dear airheaded asshat:

The end of my work day is 4:00 p.m. We arranged this when I started last week. Therefore, do not give me a stack of letters at 3:59 p.m. and say "Can you get these done before you leave?" Because next time, the answer will be NO.

Dear Res Life asshats:

I chose Morse Hall because 1) I wanted a second-floor room and 2) I wanted a room near the RA. Thank you so very much for changing my room assignment to a fourth-floor room in Mesick. No, really. I appreciate it.


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I love the world (xkcd)

Jacked from evyllynn.

This amuses me.

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Your Partner azarsuerte
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The Talking Animal ncis_fanatic
Main Archenemy b_cavis
Evil Incarnate tpeej
This fun quiz by ass_ - Taken 20259 Times.
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Beka, you're my warrior and my archenemy. What are you supposed to do, beat the crap out of yourself? *snerk*
I love the world (xkcd)

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I hate children.

Especially precocious seven-year-olds.

Especially ones that talk on telephones.

To other precocious seven-year-olds.

In very, very loud voices.

For half an hour straight.

...Kill me now.
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Abby (by pekeana)


And to end the night on a happy note: I figured out how to do screen caps using Windows Media Player.

*happy dances*
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