July 3rd, 2004

Tony works (by matilda7)

Meme. Yay.

Jacked from a whole bunch of people.

Who do you picture when you read my LJ? Whose face do you associate with my words? I know I've posted self pics, but I've seen pics of other people on my flist and still tend to associate other, more famous, faces with them.

So who is it? Go on. I'm curious. I want everyone to answer. Now.

(Y'know, except for the whole I-haven't-actually-posted-pics-of-myself thing.)
Abby (by pekeana)

(no subject)

They're having some sort of marathon on Cartoon Network tonight. Right now, they're showing cartoons from 1975. I have come to the conclusion that cartoonists are separated into two groups: the preachy, completely sober ones, and the ones on some mad strong drugs.
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