May 18th, 2004

I love the world (xkcd)


Jacked from... well, just about everyone at this point.

1. Copy and paste this: [font color=yourusername][b]yourusername[/b][/font] into your journal.
2. Replace [] with <>


Hee! It's purple!
I love the world (xkcd)

Oh, happy day...

AJ/Mac fic. Good characterization. Good smut. (Very good smut, particularly for a first-timer.)

I am happy. Oh, so happy. It's times like this that I remember why I love beta reading.

EDIT: This has nothing to do with the above, but I'm trying not to spam LJ.

To all the idiot closed-minded Harm/Mac shippers:

(Not that all shippers are closed-minded idiots. Just most of the ones on

When I clearly label a fic as AJ/Mac, it means you have no right to complain about the pairing. I don't care if you think Mac "belongs with" Commander Asshat. Don't review my fic just to say that, stupid. Mmkay? I know what I wrote, and it wasn't an accident. I like AJ/Mac pairings; you like Harm/Mac pairings.

I know this is what you would say about your dinky little typo-ridden, OOC, horribly plotted piece of crap, but I'm saying it anyway. If you don't like it, don't read it. You have no reason to whine when the summary clearly says it's AJ/Mac. Did you even take the time to read the fucking fic?

Thanks for ruining my good mood, you moron.

Much irritation,
I love the world (xkcd)

NCIS: The Weak Link (OAD: 5/18/04)

*growl* Okay, let's try this again. Stupid LiveJournal.

No spoilers, just:

Abby/McGee OTP! They're just so cute together. I mean, it's obvious that they'll never last. And I know that no one else likes them. But, hey. We all have to have differing opinions sometime.

Guh. I love my Gibbs/Kate moments. Has anyone else noticed how often Gibbs touches Kate (and Tony)? It's funny--I wouldn't have taken him for a toucher.

And I knew how the guy died! I am teh smart! S-M-R-T!

As for next week: if anyone tries to deny me my season finale, I hurt them. Severely.

(Oh, and anyone else think that DPB is so in the closet? I mean, come on. How many eps does that make it now? Either that, or they're leading up to the shocking revelation that Tony's gay. (Well, shocking to everyone that doesn't actually watch the damn show.))