May 2nd, 2004

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*cackles* I just watched a clip from last night's SNL with Lindsay Lohan as Hermione Granger. It was hilarious. My God, the writers must have read hundreds of Hermione-Sues. Brilliant!
Abby (by pekeana)

*happy dances*

Today was... wonderful. Amazing. Fantastic.

So I get up this morning. I didn't want to get out of bed--but oh, am I glad I did. Juli posted another part to her series on NavyNCISslash, and I squeed over that. b_cavis posted a damn hot Gibbs/Kate fic, and I literally jumped around in excitement. (No, I don't mean figuratively. I actually mean I got out of my chair and jumped around.) So that was the beginning of my very good day.

After that, I had to head on over to the MCB for the spring musicale. I think we sounded pretty good. It was a lot of fun, too--I think I prefer that (the short program with the tea afterward) to the long evening programs we've done.

The only bad part of the musicale is that my foster mother and her daughters didn't make it until the very end of the program. I was disappointed that they weren't able to hear me sing. Oh, well. At least they won't get lost next year. (I hope.)

But my sister and her foster sister and mother were able to make it, as were my Big Sister and her niece. That was a lot of fun. I think I've talked more today than I usually do in a week. :-)

So, after the musicale, I went out to dinner with my sister and her foster family. That was another great experience. We drove around for a while, looking for somewhere to eat. We were about to go to a Ground Round, but then we found that it was closed. I'm actually glad that it was, because after a few more minutes, we discovered a Chinese restaurant. I can't remember the name of it (I have lousy short-term memory), but it was absolutely fantastic. Great service, beautiful decor, and delicious food. I definitely have to go there again. I noticed that it was on the C line, so I can just hop on the T and go there.

I absolutely adore my sister's new foster mother. I mean, I liked her before, but tonight cinched it for me. I was telling her about how I think my roommate thinks I'm crazy (because of the aforementioned jumping around and squealing like a stuck pig), and she asked me who my favorite authors are that make me react like that. I told her that they're fanfic authors, not professionals, and she asked me how I found them. Now, I just love her for being willing to listen to me rave about fandom. I told her how I found JAG fandom, and I told her how I used to be a Harm/Mac shipper, until I realized that Harm was a jerk and so totally didn't deserve Mac. She agreed with me. Wholeheartedly. And thus won a permanent place in my favorite people list. *grin*

So today was a good day. I need to work on my research paper--but I think I'll do that tomorrow. Tonight, I'm going to work on getting b_cavis's new fic up on my site--she gave me permission to archive it.