April 25th, 2004

I love the world (xkcd)

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You are an Old Soul!
You are an old soul writer--neither a pantser (who
writes by the seat of her pants) nor a plotter
(who plots out a book before writing it).
You're a person who values serendipity and
spontaneity, but also realizes the benefit of
having an idea where a story is going before
you write it. You may make up an outline or
have a plan for a book, and write something
totally different, but that's OK. You're not
comfortable writing without having at least
some idea of where the story is going, but you
also like the freedom to change the story from
what you originally planned. You're a born
writer who realizes the value of serendipity.

What Kind of a Writer Are You?
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Heh. The last time I took this one, I was a pantser. What a difference a year makes. :-)
Tony works (by matilda7)

Very Weird Day

I had planned on starting my research paper today--you know, the one that's due next Wednesday. Yeah... instead, I decided to go on a cleaning frenzy. I hate cleaning, but I went crazy. I currently have four loads of laundry going. I also cleaned my desk, my bookshelf, and my dresser.

Hopefully, I can start my paper after dinner. *sigh*