March 31st, 2004

I love the world (xkcd)

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Damn. I was planning a JAG/NCIS sequel to my JAG/Harry Potter crossover, but it looks like someone's beat me to it--at least to the plot I was going to use. *sigh* I knew I should've started posting earlier.

Well, maybe the author won't be upset if I ask her permission first.

*snort* Screw that. I've been planning this crossover since December. I'm going to write it, dammit.
I love the world (xkcd)


I'm currently listening to Al Franken's new radio show on Air America Radio. He rocks my socks. *grin*

Speaking of socks rocking, over on useless_caucus, a new president and vice president have been elected. Three cheers for President-Elect Neil Gaiman and Vice President-Elect Havelock Vetinari!
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Oh, yeah...

I've finally started my sequel to "Confused Memories". Not sure what the title will be yet, but I've finished the first chapter. I'd actually meant to write an HP/Discworld sequel to CM, but Pratchett's characters are just too hard for me to write. At least, with anything approaching the wit and style Pterry has.

Anyway, the sequel stars our original heroine (Mac, of course), as well as our favorite NCIS team. Yes, there will be romance, as well as drama. And yeah, it's still a crossover with Harry Potter. None of the characters will be appearing in this one, however.

*bounces* I'm so happy to be writing again!