March 25th, 2004

I love the world (xkcd)


Finished my paper proposal! I finally decided on a topic: "Is Jane Eyre a conventional object of desire?" Is it really geeky to say that I'm looking forward to writing my paper? *grin*

Well, to solidify my geekiness, how about I tell you about the book I'm currently reading? It's called Verbatim, and it's a collection of articles from a magazine by the same name. The blurb on the front cover says, "From the bawdy to the sublime, the best writing on language for word lovers, grammar mavens, and armchair linguists." It's really fascinating.

The last book I read was The Greatest Stories Never Told. That was a collection of little tidbits from history that never seem to make it into the textbooks. For example, did you know that the Scopes Monkey trial was a complete sham? It's true. They set it up so the town would get some press.

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Is that cool or what?

I am such a nerd.