March 18th, 2004

I love the world (xkcd)

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*whimper* Must write two reaction papers for tomorrow on two of the most boring topics I've studied all year--Wide Sargasso Sea and Social Security reform.

Damn it, why did I leave them until 8:00 Thursday night?

*slams head against desk a few times*

*fires up Word*

*slams head once more for good measure*
I love the world (xkcd)

(no subject)

Done! Done, done, done... *Snoopy-dances around room*

It's so much fun to just bullshit papers. Last time I did that in MCC, I got an A. My professor is such a pushover. *grin*

Heh. Next week I need to hand in my research paper proposal. That I definitely cannot bullshit. Ah, well.

(Oh, and thanks for the aspirin, irishlissa!) ;-)