March 3rd, 2004

I love the world (xkcd)

My evening

I've actually torn myself away from my computer for a four-hour stretch! Is everyone shocked? *grin*

My feet = the ow. I walked from the Tsai Center at Boston University back to my res campus. In heels. Note to self: buy flats for next performance.

Yeah, we had a performance today. It was the world premiere of a piece by Andy Vores. It's called "Hex", and it's really, really weird. It features lyrics like... *opens music* "The blue frog kisses my sweetheart." Oh, and "In the morning, she squats on his forehead." Basically, when we got the lyrics, the entire chorale was like, "What the fuck?"

In fact, we only got the music in mid-January. Gave us six weeks to prepare--and we're not professionals. Fortunately, we were joined by the Boston Conservatory Women's Chorus. It was fun. And it's over now, so I am immensely relieved. Of course, now that means I need to focus on my midterms. :-P

I just have to comment on the guest cellist this evening. She was absolutely amazing. Her name's Jacqueline Choi (I think--I wasn't able to grab a copy of the program), and she's the sixteen-year-old winner of the New England Philharmonic's Young Artists' Competition. They performed a piece by Tchaikovsky, and as I said, she was... incredible. I was mesmerized by her performance. It was obvious how much she loved playing.

Anyway, I'm off. Need to get my beauty rest. (Okay, so The Daily Show's coming on. What's it to you? *grin*)