March 2nd, 2004

I love the world (xkcd)


Thank you all so much! I didn't expect so much help with my research! Now I don't have to resign myself to dropping a letter grade. You all ROCK!

EDIT: *pets the pretty JSTOR* My precious... my preeeecioussss... So many useful articles... *weeps with unadulterated joy*
Abby (by pekeana)

La la la...

I am in an insanely cheerful mood today. As in walking down the street with a huge smile on my face cheerful. And no, it's not an artificially enhanced sort of cheerfulness, either.

It's 63 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside; apparently March has decided to come in like a lion cub this year. I have Sprite and Jolly Ranchers, I don't have chorale rehearsal tonight, I've finished the portfolio (really, an annotated bibliography) for my research paper, and there's a new NCIS ep on tonight.

Life is good.

EDIT: Aaaaand... there goes my good mood. It burns, it does.