October 24th, 2003

I love the world (xkcd)

Shakespeare + Wanky Flamers = Fun For Everyone!

Ha! harukami wrote the following in response to this thread on Fandom_Wank:

Oh, I cannot believe how sad you are
To claim you're bored then send a flame to me
If I did meet you in a noisy bar
You'd best have money for a medic's fee
A teenybop like you would be a cake
And trisky methods I would hardly need
And after seeing me apart you take
Then you upon a doctor's tube would feed
But what can I expect from such a fool
A simpleton will not a challenge seem
And if you dare to mention that you're "cool"
Then double fool I fear I must you deem.

To summarize my claims: pity the foo'
Who dares affront an anti-Mary-Sue.

*worships* Idol. You are my idol.