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Why do I even bother reading the JAG list?

I thought their behavior toward each other was horrible and the writers could have found a much more creative way to keep them apart, other than being mean to each other and conveniently having Webb have feelings for Mac (***my*** take on it).

*facepalm* Obviously we're not watching the same show. They've been writing Webb's interest in Mac since season two. Season two, people. That's seven years. (Does anyone remember the "Richter scale" comment from "We the People"? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?) Now, yes, I do agree that the writers used this interest to drive Harm and Mac apart in order to keep the dance going, but I don't think it was a completely random thing.

And what creative way do you think they could've used? Sending Mac to the other side of the world again? Sending Harm? All relationships go through good times and bad times--a dysfunctional relationship like the Harm/Mac one goes through more moods than a bipolar person off his meds.

(Holy shit, that comment was un-PC. *snerk*)

Oh, and I just have to say: CJ's post about smarmy Harm? Right on the money. "Smarmy" is the perfect word to describe him--"hypocritically, complacently, or effusively earnest; unctuous." (From
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