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Fangirl time!

Oh, my God. You wanna know who rocks my ankle socks tonight? copperbadge. His "Uncle" series (AU Harry Potter, with Remus as a mob boss) just kills me. *grin*

Some classic lines:

From Uncle, Part I:

He had the Dursleys whacked.

Tactfully, of course, and well after Harry left the house.

Uncle, Part II:

It was quite an educational year. Hermione learned what a cannoli was and nobody would play cards with Ron anymore, though when he got home he taught his father. It appeared that skill with a card quick-change ran in the family, though Arthur was really more fond of an honest bluff.

Remus just shook his head and told Harry there was no helping some people, and that Harry should finish his cannoli.

Uncle, Part III:

"I don't think I've ever seen you take a real holiday," Harry said, as they were filing into church on Christmas Eve. (As with most British career criminals, Remus was strictly and devoutly C. of E.)

Uncle, Part IV:

Harry did remember. He hadn't been allowed to actually whack anyone himself yet, but he had managed to take out a fair-sized cow eventually. Good eating on that cow, too.

Uncle, Part V:

"So now we have to find Wormtail," Harry said. He reached across his chest to touch the butt of the pistol he'd gotten for Christmas. "And he's going to die a lot slower."

"That's my boy," Sirius and Remus said, in unison.

Bwah! I love the AU King. *grin*

This has been a Fangirl Moment, brought to you by Shannon.
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