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The state list meme

Jacked from apocalypsos

1) go to and type in "You know you're from (your state here) if..."
2) pick out whichever list strikes your fancy and bold the ones that apply to you.
3) post it in an entry. Duh.

You know you are from Rhode Island (pronounced Roe Dylin') if:

You know the basic rules of DuckPin bowling.

You own garden tools from Job Lot.

You have used the expression "Not For Nuthin" or "bubbla".--though I did train myself out of using "bubbla" when I was in elementary school.

You serve bread with every meal.

You know what "3 all d' way" means.

You load up on milk and bread before a snowstorm.--*snerk* Yup.

You have a bottle of coffee syrup in the fridge right now.--Well, hell, I don't use it... but it's still there. :-P

You've gotten sick from eating too many clam cakes.--It's funny--I don't even like clams, but I love clam cakes.

Your first live concert was at The Civic Center or Rocky Point.--The former Civic Center, that is. It's now the Dunkin' Donuts Center. And Rocky Point is closed.

You were born at Lying-In Hospital.

You still call the Rhode Island Mall the Midland Mall.

You have used a demolished landmark such as ALMACS or Finast when giving directions.--Heh.

You secretly watch the NBC TV show "Providence" even though you tell your friends you don't.

You have slammed on your brakes to discourage a tailgater.

You know what a burger "The Newport Creamery Way" is.

You have dated a girl named Brenda or a guy named Vinnie.

You've personally met Vinnie Paz.

Your idea of a dream house is a raised ranch.

You have relatives who have been to Edgehill Newport, Codac, or Butler.--Don't ask.

You've bribed your mechanic for a new inspection sticker even though your car failed to pass the safety inspection.

You have a degree from RIC, CCRI or URI.

You think vodka and Del's is a great combination.

You've been to Twin Oaks for your birthday.

You know how to pronounce Pawtucket, Cowesett, Usqepaug, and Narragansett.--It's P'tucket, not PAW-tucket.

You've been to Scarborough Beach but not Block Island.

You know where "The Pier" is located.

You like your clam CHOW-dah clear not white or red.

You put vinegar on your french fries.--What? It's good!

You've been on a Bay Queen cruise.

You can recognize a Cranston accent.

You drop the "w" in Greenwich, Kingstown, and Warwick.--I try not to, but that damn accent sneaks up on you at the strangest times.

You use the expression "down-city" for downtown.

You've eaten at Haven Brothers, drunk.

You celebrate St. Joseph's Day and know what a "zeppolla" is.

You have at least one gallon of Newport Creamery coffee ice cream in your freezer.

You know what "ProJo" stands for.

You still call CCRI "reject".

You think that "party/potty" "God/guard" "law/lore" and "hot/heart" are
examples of homonyms.
--Well, not really, but you can't really tell the difference with some people.

You know the original name for Airport Road.

You always start giving directions by saying, "Well, you get on 95."

You know what "John from Alpert's" sounds like.--Really annoying.

You refer to the movies as "the show."

You know what Allie's makes.

You know what a "package store" is.

You think lots of gold jewelry looks great on the beach.

Your favorite expressions are, "Are you serious?", "Wicked", and "You know what I'm saying?"

You've thrown at least one yard sale this month.

You know you need "quahogs" to make "stuffies".

You know there's a West End but not a West Providence.

You think banana, vanilla, and idea all end in "r".

You put celery salt on your hotdogs.

You see turn signals or "directionals" as optional car equipment.

You're into Keno, Powerball and the drawin'.

When told surprising news, you answer "Geddout", or if you're female, "No Suh!"

If you are going to the basement, you're going "down cellar."

Instead of eating dinner, you eat suppa.

You call spaghetti sauce, "gravy."

You've eaten a Wimpy Skippy on the Hill.

You know what "Leggs and Eggs" is.

You ask your mechanic to give you a state inspection sticker even though your car failed.

You know that there is never any school in Fosta-Glosta when it snows.--Too true! Even when the rest of the state has school, they don't. Damn lucky kids.

You've gone to Cumbie's for milk or gas.

You've eaten Jonnycakes or Johnny cakes (with an h if the fllint corn comes from out of state).

You know someone in the mob, but won't admit it.


You've voted a convicted felon into office at least twice!
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