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Meet Shannon. Shannon is very, very unhappy this morning, because Shannon only got three hours of sleep last night. The reasons for this are:

1) Asshat Roommate. Asshat Roommate insists on getting up at five o'clock every morning to get ready for Boyfriend, who picks her up at six. Shannon can usually suffer through the light being turned on--she has, after all, lived with streetlights shining through the window all year at school. However, Asshat Roommate also insists on marinating her gorgeous self in two kinds of body spray as well as hair spray. To which Shannon says: Bitch, please. Do you really think Boyfriend doesn't know by now that you smoke? And if he doesn't, well... you two truly deserve each other.

2) Stupid weather. It was supposed to rain last night/this morning, which would have gone a long way in lowering the humidity. And since Asshat Roommate also also insists on keeping the bedroom door closed, there's nowhere for the heat or humidity to go.

3) Shannon's Brain. Shannon's Brain gets the capital letter because Shannon's Brain likes to work by itself. It doesn't matter that Shannon's body is ready and willing to sleep. Shannon's Brain wants to stay up and plan the next day's activities. Shannon's body knows full well that the next day's activities will include sitting at the computer and puttering around on the 'Net; however, Shannon's Brain doesn't care about what Shannon's body knows or wants--or needs.

Shannon is very unattractive with big black circles under her eyes. She's even more unattractive when she's grumpy.

Shannon is likely to tell you to piss off today. Don't take it personally. She'd like to tell herself to piss off, but it doesn't really work that way.
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