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Expect the unexpected? Pssh.

Got a very expensive-looking envelope in the mail today. It was my tuition statement.


No, I'm only kidding--though that did come in the mail as well. The expensive-looking, very heavy, cream-colored envelope that came with it... was a wedding invitation. To which I went, "The fuck?"

Ah, weddings--the only time that you hear from relatives that you haven't spoken with in over five years. Well, other than funerals.

But anyway. My second-eldest cousin is getting married next month, apparently. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised--she is a year older than I am, and from what I've heard from my mom (who writes to my grandparents, who talk to my aunt), she's been in a serious relationship for a few years.

Of course, she's getting married in Georgia, and there's no way that I could afford a plane ticket. And I know that my sister won't want to go. Not that I blame her--I don't want to see my uncle, either.

*sigh* Guess I'd better e-mail R. today and get her (almost assured) rejection. I'll send our regrets tomorrow. Better start looking for an appropriate gift.
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