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Okay, I've already sent my answer in, but I'd like to get input from someone that's good at algebra. :-P

Sloth's Army is made up of three corps. Each of those corps is made up of two divisions. Each division is made up of three brigades. Each brigade is made up of four battalions (well apart from one of them that is made up of five, but that's another story...)

Each battalion is made up of three squadrons. Each squadron is made up of three platoons. A platoon is made up of twenty evil giant killer robots.

If a evil giant killer robot costs 150,000 NP to make, how much money has Sloth invested in his evil giant killer robot army?

Okay, this is gonna be a bit long, but here goes...

c = corps
d = division
b = brigade
t = battalion
s = squadron
p = platoon
r = robot

c = 2d
d = 3b
b = 4t
t = 3s
s = 3p
p = 20r

c = 2d
= 2(3b) = 6b
= 6(4t) = 24t
= 24(3s) = 72s
= 72(3p) = 216p
= 216(20r) = 4320r

And there are three corps, so:

3c = 12,960r

But there's an extra battalion, so:

t = 3s
= 3(3p) = 9p
= 9(20r) = 180r

Adding the robots of this extra battalion, we get:

12,960r + 180r = 13,140r

And it costs 150,000 NP to build one robot, so:

13,140(150,000) = 1,971,000,000 NP

Whaddya think? Am I right? Am I way off? Should I just give up trying to use my brain for the summer?
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