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JAG Rant: Secret Agent Man (OAD: 10/10/03)

Okay, so I lied. I was actually able to get online today. The great thing about teenage girls, is that they're never home on Friday nights. Except me, 'cause I was a loser.

This episode was boooorrring. I wasn't crazy about last week's, but at least it held my attention. I almost gave up and went to bed halfway through this.

There were a few interesting things in this episode, though. Harriet and Bud's baby was born. It is a boy, and his name is Jimmy. Middle name: Kirk. Yes, Bud named his son after Captain James Kirk. If I was Harriet, I would've slapped him.

Harm gets a new partner in this ep. It's Commander O'Neill, the lesbian woman he defended against sexual harassment charges in last season's episode "Offensive Action"--the one that kicked off my rants. ('Course, she's not a commander anymore--but oh, well.)

You know what? This episode was so goddamn boring that I don't wanna recap it. Someone else can do it. I'm just too disappointed. Can't they hold my attention anymore? I loved the season premiere, but this is ridiculous. I never thought I would say this, but... they need Harm back at JAG. He may have been annoying as all hell, but at least it kept the show interesting.

And one more thing: I thought AJ is engaged to Meredith? If this is true, then why is he showing up to social engagements alone? I would expect her to be with him. Not that I'm complaining, mind you--just a thought.

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