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And now, from your favorite obsessive fangirl/shipper...

I bring you...

Gibbs: Rule number seven: always be specific when you lie.

Kate: Why are you bringing me coffee from your caffeine dealer two blocks away? And don't use rule seven.

G: You want that or not?

K: I take my coffee with milk and sweetener.

G: Taste it.

K: (sips coffee) A little strong.

G: Strong's better.

K: (fidgeting) Gibbs, you're making me nervous. Scary scenarios are popping into my head--like you're... here to fire me, or to tell me that I'm going undercover as Dinozzo's wife.

G: I want you to profile a terrorist.

K: What terrorist?

G: The one you couldn't stab.

Flashback to Bete Noire. Kate is grabbed by a man of Middle Eastern descent--ostensibly the terrorist Gibbs is speaking of. She holds a scalpel in her hand, which she does not use to stab the man, though she has a clear opportunity. She stares into his eyes for a few seconds, searching for something.

K: Ducky tell you that? ...It's true.

G: Why?

K: His eyes. I was looking into his eyes, and they looked... kind.

G: They looked kind when he blew out Gerald's shoulder?

K: (upset) You asked me why I couldn't stab him, and I told you.

G: (leaning into Kate's personal space) Contrary to conventional belief, Kate, eyes can lie. You meet him again, don't forget that.

K: I won't. (More firmly) I won't.

G: (leaning back) Profile him.

K: (professionally) He's not an Islamic fanatic. Never used their rhetoric, no mention of jihad, Allah, infidels--whatever drives him, it isn't martyrdom.

G: Revenge?

K: Could be. Maybe money.

G: (disbelieving) A Hamas terrorist... in it for the money?

K: (dryly) Well, he's not in it for the seventy virgins. He'd have no trouble attracting women. (Gibbs smirks at her slightly.) ...Don't go there.

G: Why money?

K: I just get the feeling that he lives large. He was well-groomed--manicured nails, perfect teeth, salon-styled hair... (pausing) Gibbs, what is it with your hair?

G: What's wrong with my hair?

K: (smiling) Nothing, nothing. Your hair is... you.

G: Yeah, thank you. What else?

K: He's intelligent. Willing to take big risks.

Flashback to Bete Noire. The terrorist in Kate's flashback offers Gibbs a gun. Gibbs shoots him twice in the chest.

G: Why did he give me a chance to kill him?

K: He had a flak vest. Knew you'd double-tap him in the chest.

G: What if I shot him in the head?

K: It's a risk he had to take to make his escape plan work.

G: No. He did not. He coulda killed me in cold blood. HRT comes in, throws a flash-bang; either way, he escapes just the same.

K: You're right. Why did he give you a shot at him?

G: (thoughtfully) He needs to face death to feel alive. Maybe to feel anything.
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