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NCIS: Reveille (OAD: 5/25/04)

Wow. WOW! Holy fucking shit, that was amazing! All is forgiven, Mr. Bellisario!

Wow. Angry Gibbs, Skirt-chasing Tony, Wise Ducky, Awesome Abby, and Kickass Kate, all in one episode!

What did I love about this episode?

1) Gibbs and Kate in the coffeeshop. I'm sure all of us Gibbs/Kate shippers squeed madly over that!
2) Tony, Kate, and Ducky at lunch. We learned more about Gibbs and his obsessions. In fact, later on, Tony tells Gibbs he needs to read Moby Dick. And he's right--Gibbs is a lot like Captain Ahab with his obsession.
3) The dream sequence in the beginning. Didja notice it was Kate that he dreamed was in the bodybag, not Tony or Ducky? *grin*
4) Kickass Kate! Love it, love it, love it! I loved how she hit the man back, and how she didn't back down when the woman was holding a gun on her. I also liked how she guessed which shell the pea was under--every time. Dude, she should take a weekend off and go to Atlantic City. *grin*
5) McGee! I adore him.
6) Abby! Abby rocks my socks! Hee. I loved how McGee was all flustered when he found out that he had been sleeping in a coffin. "More than sleeping." *snerk*
7) Kate calling Gibbs her boyfriend! More crazed squeeing (from me, at least)!
8) Ari, the not-Hamas agent. He's a bastard, but he's a charming bastard. (He was Mossad, right? That was kinda confusing.) I loved how he laughed when Gibbs shot him in the shoulder at the end. It was creepy, but so in-character.
9) It didn't end with a "To be continued..." That was great. I'm glad they wrapped up the storyline.

What did I hate about this episode?

1) Nothing! I ADORE this episode! It was absolutely amazing!

I have officially forgiven DPB for letting JAG go down the toilet. If this is the kind of season finale he writes, then... three cheers for DPB!
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