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NCIS Rant: Sea Dog (OAD: 10/7/03)

Loved it! Loved it, loved it, loved it!

This episode starts with a bunch of college students having a beach party. They hear noises, which they think is fireworks. It turns out to be gunfire. Then, a boat flies right up onto the beach.

Eee! I still love the theme song. It's great!

Gibbs comes into the office. Kate greets him, but he doesn't respond. "Not much for small talk."

He asks if there are any new cases. There are a few, but they aren't big. Tony has been searching for one all morning.

"He's been looking for a case--any case--since I came in."

Reading from a paper, Tony says, "All agents not working active cases are to attend a sexual harassment lecture..." Now, if anyone needs to go to one of those, it's Tony Dinozzo. But hey, like I said last time--at least he's amusing about his misogyny. I'll forgive practically anything, if I get a laugh out of it. ;-)

Gibbs says, "I cannot sit through another one of those; I will shoot myself."

"You mean they actually train you guys how to harass?" Gibbs just gives Kate a look. "Hey, I was only kidding."

Then he says something about not needing it--or something like that; I was too busy laughing at the next part:

Tony: "For the last time, Kate, I was only trying to get my seatbelt on."

"Yeah. Seatbelt." Oh, the sarcasm. It's a wonderful thing.

They get a call. A dead Navy commander has been found on a beach. Tony yells, "Yes!"

Kate: "Shotgun."

"I hate it when she does that."

Oh, I love the banter between those two. I would flip my lid if they ever got together, but hey, they're really funny together.

They get to the crime scene. Gibbs tells Tony to escort an attractive reporter off the scene--Tony's only too happy to comply.

Uh-oh... Ducky is ticked off. The local police contaminated the crime scene. Whoopsie.

Tony comes back. "I need more assignments like that, boss."

I love Ducky's hat in this scene. It just suits him.

Question. What is that black guy's name? I remember him from the first episode, and I don't remember a name. Someone help, please? I could probably go back and rewatch my tapes (which is not really a hardship), but I'm lazy, and would probably get too caught up in the UST and squeeing over Mark Harmon to pay attention.

They get to another section of the beach. Ducky says, "Gibbs, this scene is pristine." Yeah. There are dead bodies, and it's pristine. That's where I wanna go on my next day trip. *grin*

Wow. Look at all that money! "How many drug dealers you know dump the bodies and the cash?" Well, I don't know many drug dealers, but that wouldn't make sense to me.

Bwah. Back at headquarters. Gibbs mentions the money to Kate. "I did work for the Secret Service. We tend to get all hot and bothered over large sums of hundred-dollar bills."

"Is that what does it for you?" Tony, of course.

"What does it for me, Tony, is a mystery you'll never solve." Oh, smackdown!

"I know the answer," he replies, smirking. She gives him a questioning look. "Grant."

She walks away, and Gibbs asks, "Why do I feel like a high-school principal?" Um, I don't know... because Tony has the maturity of a 16-year-old? No offense to the 16-year-olds I know, of course.

Ducky's examining the body, removes a bullet--DEA agent runs from the room. (I must say, I had pretty much the same reaction. Well, mine was just a verbal "Ew!" But close enough.) Ducky keeps talking to the body. In "Ice Queen", the JAG ep that introduced most of the NCIS cast, we learned that he likes to talk to the people he examines, to give them a bit more humanity.

Gibbs is at a basketball court--tells the two guys playing there that if they give him the info he wants, he'll get the lights on the court turned back on.

In Abby's lab--examining the money. "Untied States of America". We have counterfeits, people! I guess Kate's Secret Service background came in handy after all, didn't it? :-)

Mmm... Mark Harmon has pretty eyes.

Well, we've learned something new about Abby: her parents were deaf, and she can sign. Gibbs can sign, too, but we don't find out how he learned.

Gibbs has lunch with the reporter to get her help. Oh, she is so flirting with him.

Gibbs, Tony, DEA agent, Ducky, two gang leaders. Gibbs questions them. He threatens to send them to Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay) under the Patriot Act. Tony has a little too much fun here. "You do not have the right to remain silent. You do not have the right to an attorney... Do you understand the rights you don't have?"

DEA agent tells Gibbs that he can't send the two men to Gitmo. "Watch me." Ooh, I love that man's smirk...

You love that man's everything.

The Alter Ego speaks truth, she does!

Headquarters. DEA guy tells Gibbs that his bluff worked--the two guys are willing to talk. "The secret of a good bluff... is not to bluff." Well, then...

To the marina, examining the boat. The drug dog's name is Tony. "He's a real stud."

"He's neutered." Oh, the look on Tony's face is priceless.

Hee. Our Tony looks up when the agent calls the dog. The agent finds this amusing--so do I.

Kate in the park. Eee!! She's drawing Gibbs! Hee. Yes, I'm just a tad obsessed.

More than a tad, darling...

Go back to your tree rat. I'm busy here. She meets with a friend about the counterfeit money.

Ooh. That jerk FBI agent from the first ep is there. Grrr...

Well. Turns out the drug dealers aren't drug dealers, after all. They're terrorists.

I like the NCIS director. He's cool. And I like his voice. And no, AE, I'm not going to get fixated on him. Only one character per show.

Good. I have my hands full keeping you in line as it is.

But you don't have hands.

It's a figure of speech. Get back to work.

Yes, oh incorporeal one!

Abby finds out why she couldn't find the fingerprints that were on the money--NCIS didn't have full access to the FBI database. She turns to Mr. FBI agent and shakes her finger at him. "You've been holding out on us. That's not nice."

Apparently, the terrorists have plans to bring down the power grid. Abby says she found traces of C-4 on the money. FBI dude says, "Thank God; they're just gonna blow something up." Everyone looks at him like he has two heads. He says it's good that they don't have access to the power plant computers.

FBI guy leaves. Tony says, with a disgusted look on his face, "I feel like I just kissed my sister."

Abby: "Tony, I didn't know you had a sister."

"I don't. Fantasizing."

"I need music to do that."

Yikes. There are plans to take out three power plants, which would bring down the grid from the East Coast all the way to the Rockies.

Dude. Tony just drove directly through the fence. Cool.

Aiee! One number away from blowing everything sky-high. But the three of them get there in time, and all three shoot the bad guy.

End--the lights are back on at the basketball court. Reporter lady is doing a story on it. She talks to Gibbs. Okay, so she is definitely flirting now. But she's destined to be disappointed.

As am I. Who the hell is that redhead that keeps showing up to give Gibbs a ride home? Kip, an insider on the NCIS Yahoo! Group, says that DPB is gonna have her show up from time to time just to thwart any potential shippers. I knew that man was an evil genius.

Well, that wraps it up for tonight! I think this one is much longer than my last two. But there were so many great quotes that I had to write down!

Come back next week for another NCIS rant. I'd usually give the episode title, but it's not up at the CBS site or the Paramount site. Oh, well.

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