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JAG: Hail and Farewell (OAD: 5/21/04)

Yes, you read that correctly. I'm handing in my JAGfan license. I'll still write fic occasionally, but I'm no longer watching the show. I can't. It's become too painful.

And yes, you can call me pathetic all you want, but I'm serious about this. They've completely ruined the characterization of my favorite characters.

AJ was completely fucking insane in this episode. Okay, so he was edgy in the last ep, but this... this was just lazy writing.

And Mac... poor, poor Mac! Her boyfriend was killed, her CO's retiring, and she may have ovarian cancer! At least, that's what I'm assuming. I thought that might be the case in the last episode, where her back was hurting. Tonight, the doctor had bad news for her. I think she has cancer, and has to have her ovaries removed. That neatly skirts the "baby deal", and adds some Harm/Mac hurt comfort.

Speaking of which... I was SCREAMING at the TV tonight, "If I wanted Harm/Mac hurt/comfort, I would read bad fanfic, Goddamnit!"

I fucking HATE this episode. I hate it. What do I hate?

1) AJ retiring.
2) Webb being killed off.
3) Webb being killed off just for H/M h/c.
4) Harm/Mac hurt/comfort.
5) Mac having some sort of illness, just to ratchet up the angst.
6) Harriet being pregnant. Again. She isn't a fucking broodmare, folks.

What I liked about this ep:

1) AJ in mess dress.

...Yeah. That's about it.

(Speaking of that last--can someone please get a screencap of it? It would go a long way to reconciling me to this stupid show.)

This is Shannon, signing off.
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