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I didn't realize just how conceited I am (well, in regards to my writing, at least) until today.

So I'm working on a collaboration fic with dangerusliasons. We were IMing each other, and she said she couldn't think of anything to write. I gave her an idea of my own that I wanted to write, but couldn't focus on long enough to get it done. She writes two pages, gets stuck, and sends it to me for a little push--and I overhaul the entire damn thing! I completely changed the direction of the story and go on to add nearly two pages of my own. And at every turn, every time she suggested something, I said, "Well, that's good... but this is better." This includes plot, wording--even the title.

Jeez. She must be about ready to slap me for my arrogance. :-P
Tags: fanfic, ncis, writing commentary
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