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Everyone on my friends list is sad tonight, dammit. Whether it be about the series finale of Angel, or the season finale of The West Wing (okay, okay, so anger is pekeana's choice of emotion *grin*), or the season finale of Law & Order (I'm with ausiewanab--why does Lennie have to retire?!), it's a river of tears. Tears of anger, frustration, and grief.

Yeah, you read that right, I said grief. When you watch a TV show for so many years, you become attached to the characters. It's a real sense of loss to watch your favorite show go off the air, and to say goodbye to characters who have become as well-known as your friends to you, and I'll thank those of you that aren't involved in fandom to remember that.

Damn. If that's how I react tonight, I wonder how I'll be on Friday with the season finale of JAG.

Better get those tranquilizers ready, cakemage.
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