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And in relation to my last post...

Speaking in smut scenes is highly overrated. Especially if you don't want to sound like a bad porno:

"Ah, AJ, what you do to me! You turn me inside out and then put me back together again. I have dreamed of this so often. I hope tonight lasts forever, well, almost forever. We still have our little Angel to go home to. But tonight is for us, finally for us," she gasped as he sucked more of her breast into his mouth. The sensations flooded her body with desire, and a dampness formed between her legs that had nothing to do with the spraying shower.

He switched to her other breast without saying a word, but his hand kept the first one comforted from the loss of his mouth on it. With his free hand he roamed her back, down to her firm ass cheeks. She was in such fabulous shape; there was not an extra ounce of flesh on her anywhere but her breasts.

"Oh, AJ, I love you so much," she whispered, caressing his neck with one hand, while the other slipped down to stroke his hard cock. Wrapping her hand around it. she stroked and pumped until his breathing was as labored as hers.

"Careful, Darlin', he’ll go off, and he’s fully loaded right now!" He smiled at her.

"Then maybe we'd better hurry, because I’m swollen and throbbing with need," she grinned. "Do you think we could get together and see what'd happen?"

"That sounds like it could be a good plan," he told her, and grasping her butt cheeks with both hands, lifted her into the air. He backed her up against the shower wall and slid her down his body until his cock was poised at her entrance.

"Oh, my man’s so strong, and sexy too. Now slide that big boy home, darling. Slide him in, where he belongs, please," begged Sarah. "Oh, God, AJ, I need you so, don't torment me this way."

"But, sweetheart, I was just doing my weight lifting exercises!" he smirked as he lifted her away from his cock again and then brought her right to the tip one more time.

Okay, I'll stop traumatizing you now. But, hey... if I have to go through this torment, so should you!
Tags: fanfic, jag, writing commentary
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