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Gah. Still haven't gotten my computer to connect to the Internet. We've been trying all day. :-P I will get on, damn it.

And will someone please explain to my foster father how a home page works?!

pnolibos, I'm sorry that you won't be able to make it to the FanFest. *hugs* I hope everything goes all right, dear.

On a more amusing note, here's a clip from b_cavis's list of who sucks and who doesn't:

-still sucks major donkey balls because...
He is going to do everything in his inconsiderable power to fuck Mac and Webb's relationship over as many times as possible, and that is going to seriously piss me off.

As in, throwing shit at the television piss me off. He's Pre-ejaculation in a Popeye suit (thank you Redwriter for that little image) and he's getting too fat for that suit anyhow. He needs to be castrated. Or shot. Or castrated and then shot.

Orders are important, people.

(Have I mentioned lately that she is on the list of people I adore? It's a list in idea only. Maybe I'll write it down one of these days.
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