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God-fucking-DAMN it! All my plans have been shot to hell. I don't think I'll be moving out today. My friend that was supposed to come up at four to help me move out is sick, and her husband took her to the doctor. *grumble* I know I shouldn't be angry. I'm not angry with her--I'm angry with the situation. All my shit is packed, I'm ready to go, and now I may have to dig stuff back out in order to stay one more night!

And it can only be one more night. I have to be out of here by noon tomorrow. *headdesk*

I'm writing this from the computer lab, by the way. When I said I packed everything? I mean I packed my computer before I left to take my last final. So I don't even have that to tinker around with, 'cause if too many people are waiting, I'll have to get off the computer.

And I can't watch TV, either, since I packed that, as well.


(Oh, and by the way, my head really did meet the desk after I called my foster mother. It hurt. But it distracted me for a moment, so I suppose that's not all bad.)
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