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Random stuff about my day

My computer science final is finished. Well, the written portion, anyway. I still need to finish the project. Shouldn't be too hard--I just need to figure out how to read in random words from a separate file. Oh, and how to keep the program from throwing a hissy fit when the user hits enter without entering a letter.

It only took me forty minutes to finish, too. I highly doubt that'll be the case with my other two exams.

Packed all of my clothes today. All of the clothes that I don't plan on wearing between now and Tuesday, that is.

Still gotta buy some boxes for my computer and stuff. I'll do that tomorrow.

New JAG on tonight. I'm still not looking forward to it. *sigh* I never thought I'd fall out of love with that show. Oh, well. Always have NCIS, I suppose.

Oh, yeah, can't forget the Chaz Awards links:


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