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JMJ Package #1
"Big Bad John" Movie Package
This package consists of VHS tapes of three of John's best and most beloved-by-fans "bad guy" roles:

"An American Story" - box cover autographed by JMJ
"Deadly Matrimony" - box cover autographed by JMJ
The tapes come in a JMJ tote bag with sexy "bad boy" keychain and some pictures.

JMJ Package #2
"Action AJ" Script Set
This raffle package consists of copies of three of the best "Action AJ" scripts from JAG:

"Soul Searching" - autographed by JMJ
"Retreat, Hell" - autographed by JMJ
"Going After Francesca" - autographed by JMJ
The scripts come in an "AJ" tote bag with an AJ keychain and some pictures.

NCIS Package #1
Heavy canvas tote bag with NCIS patch and containing:

the NCIS issue of TV Guide
an NCIS mug
a cast picture
a set of NCIS bookmarks
the scripts for Ice Queen and Yankee White

Want... waaaaant... *whimper* Please, oh please, oh please let me win something...
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