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Mmm... junk food.

You know what's strange? I just realized (like, a week ago) that there's a CVS nearby. (For those not in the know, CVS is a drugstore. Like a Walgreen's or Brooks, or whatever drugstore/pharmacy happens to be in your area.) So yay.

Also, there's a food court in the Longwood Galleria (where the CVS is). Today I finally walked my ass down the block and went there for the first time. It is April 30th. I've been in Boston since August. I bought myself some Pringles and a bag of those little assorted candy bars, as well as some aspirin, since I ran out after my last bout of the cold. I then treated myself to McDonald's. I know it's bad for me--but it tastes good.

Mmm. I can feel my arteries clogging as I type.
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