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JAG Rant: Shifting Sands (OAD: 10/3/03)

Ugh. This episode is definitely not one of my favorites. It left a sour feeling in the pit of my stomach.

The episode starts out in Iraq, with a woman stealing medicine from the back of a vehicle. She's caught, and is identified as Petty Officer Allison LaPort, who had been MIA since February of 1991. She had been found by a Bedouin tribe after getting lost in the desert, and eventually married the son of the sheik.

It seems PO LaPort is the daughter of the deputy director of Naval Intelligence.

Oh... it's Tiner's last day at JAG. He's been accepted into Officer Candidate School. Bye-bye, CC.

Coates is the new yeoman. Oh, boy. Wonder how long it's gonna take AJ to get used to that.

Hee. There are some great one-liners. Mac says to Harm, "You know, the Earth doesn't stop spinning just because you left the room."

Ow. AJ says that Harm has a "lack of dependency", is "not a team player", and is "completely controlled by [his] emotions". Now, I don't like Harm, but that was a bit harsh, dear heart.

Aw... Harm gives Tiner his cover "for when [he] makes commander".

I cannot believe this. I'm actually on the verge of tears. For Harm. But he seems so... sad. Like Mac said in the last episode, the Navy is all he has. And now, he doesn't even have that.

Coates tries to stand up for Harm to the Admiral--and borders on insubordination. When she leaves, AJ says, "Good night, Tiner."

"I'm not Tiner, sir."

"No... you're not," AJ sighs.

Heh. Mac and Harm visit Webb in the hospital. Harm says he'll just play with the bed while Webb and Mac talk. "Gee, I wonder if he folds."

Webb's shocked when he finds out Harm's out of the Navy.

Well, Clay's back at CIA Headquarters. Cool.

Ouch! Poor Sturgis. AJ orders him to take Harm's old office. Sturgis says that he's happy where he is. AJ yells at him to "take the goddamn office!"

Oh, my God. Mac just screwed her own case--she gave Bud the wrong folder, one with information that could be used against her client.

Cut to Harm. He's having flashbacks about his time at JAG.

Yuck. They just showed the "Lifeline" kiss. I'm sorry, but he just cannot kiss.

Ha! I am damn good! Harm just got a call from the deputy director of the CIA.

Hee. I think I'm going to like this man. He says that Harm and Mac got a reputation in Paraguay: "Like the Lone Ranger and Tonto--only taller."

Well, Mac's just lost her case. It's going to general court-martial. The PO is definitely going to be convicted. Treason? She doesn't stand a chance.

Harm? A CIA pilot? Five bucks says he crashes a plane in less than a month.

Catherine Gale: "The two of you are going to set the Agency on fire."

Clay: "Literally."

Mac's at the door to Clay's hospital room. She looks shocked at what she's hearing.

I wasn't crazy about this episode. There was a definite theme of anger and betrayal going on there. I hope next week's is a bit better.
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