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More JAG spoilers


04/15 - "Instead of doing one cliffhanger in the last episode, we do about five," Bellisario grinned, then added: "One of the main characters will be leaving the show." Oooh! Bellisario wouldn't say who's out of a job, but reassures us it's not Elliott or resident sex symbol Catherine Bell. No surprise there, but still a relief. Not only will Karri Turner's Lt. Harriet Sims be preggers again — "I'm very fertile on the show," Turner jokes — but Sarah may also be headed for motherhood! And that means finally consummating her long-running sexual tension with Harm. "Five years ago, David and Catherine's characters made a promise that if neither one of them was involved or married in five years, they would have a baby together," Bellisario reminds us. "Five years is up! That is part of the big cliffhanger for them."

Well, considering the fact that we know that JMJ's not renewing his contract, we know that it's AJ that's leaving the show.

And come on. How many times can they use the pregnant storyline? Poor Harriet.

And that last part... *shudder* Ew. Ew, ew, ew...
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